What to expect On Party Day...
Children arrive and are greeted by a theme related character (really a Moon-Fairy in disguise).

These gentle characters start by guiding the guests with dress-up exploration.

Dress-up is simple yet diverse. It is easy for anyone to transform!

This "transformation" is the beginning of the story. "Who are you going to be?"

Next our experienced instructors hold a "Magic Meeting"

Guests start the story by introducing themselves as the characters they have chosen.

We continue building the story discovering and revealing the amazing adventure that lies ahead!

Movement, creative drama, song and voice,

mixed with surprises and magical realism,

create an atmosphere that lifts the imagination and unveils the fantastic!

A prop related craft activity is integrated into the imaginative play about half way through the party.

Then we're off to create an amazing conclusion to the story, and find the treasure! 

Each child receives a magical trinket as a memento of their experience.

At The Moonpaper Tent we pride ourselves on non-commercialized magic, so Moonpaper Treasure is unique and special...perhaps a painted stone, a glittered pine-cone, a shell...

   Join us on your special day for a truly magical time!

The Moonpaper Tent