Seasonal Youth Camps

Moonpaper Tent programing is thematic and processed based. Creative drama, art and craft-work, storytelling, and magical realism are combined with creative visualization, and mindfulness study. A brilliant environment representative of possibility! Children's workshops and camps enroll to a maximum of 15-17 kids, with two adults facilitating each class. Maple Leaf Park is  just across the street allowing for adventuring and extending the enchantment out of doors!  Please pack a snack, lunch, and water bottle, and dress for play and fun!

The Moonpaper Tent


All camps are non-refundable unless there is a waitlist and someone can take your place. No exceptions.

If a camp is closed due to inclement weather, you will receive a 50% credit and a surprise package in the mail.

The Moonpaper Tent is a small magical studio, largely run on volunteer work,  that rely's on it's minimal programming to sustain the Magical Forest.

Questions?  Feel free to give the fairies a call at 206-708-6741

Office hours vary, so leave a message!

Or email us at


all camps are 9:00-3:00 $325 ages 4-up

June 25 - Aug 31

theme related dressup, creative drama, arts and crafts,  face-paint, adventure, fun!

June 25-29 "Magical Dress Up Adventures"
July 9-13  "Superheroes Unite"
July 16-20 "Magical Forest" 
July 23-27 "Love Bandits" 
July 30-Aug 3 "Animals in Outer Space" 
August 6-10 "Wizard School" 
*FULL  *August 13-17  "Pirates and Mermaids"
August 20-24 "Fairy Camp"  
August 27-31 "Magical Dress Up Adventures"