Summer Camps 2024

-camps this year will be offered at 2 different locations!

The Fairy Godmother's house and also at The Evergreen School!

Camps at The Evergreen School are now FULL

Camps at The Fairy Godmother's house are have a few spots left

*AFTER CARE AVAILABLE $15 HR~one week notice required

JUNE 17-21 9:00-3:00 "It's Gonna Be a Fun Summer" Camp

Arts and crafts, dress-up, face-paint, park adventures, games, surprises, and emergent ideas kick off this first week of summer!

Ages 5-up Cost:$455



JUNE 24-28  9:00-3:00 "Our Spa" 

Spend the week creating our very own outdoor Spa Retreat! Dreamy tents and relaxing sanctuaries, an outdoor tea cafe, appointment desk, Spa Store, and more...learn to make natural body products, etc...Take turns running the Spa and/or being a guest! Relax and enjoy  "Our Spa"

Ages 6-13 Cost: $455



JULY 8-12 9:00-3:00 "Fashion Passion" 

Design and create your own clothing, shoes, accessories! Name your brand! Have fun with silly team challenges! Create a fashion runway! Deconstruct, reconstruct and up-scale your visions for the Fashion Show!

Ages 6-13  Cost: $455



July 22-26 9:00-3:00 "Art Gallery" 

Open call for artists! Explore new mediums...watercolor and acrylic paint, plaster sculpture, collage, chalk and charcoal, tints and dyes, and many more! Hone your craft, create Bios and Portraits, and stock the gallery!   It's an ArtFest! for the Gallery Show on Friday!  

Ages 6-13 Cost: $455



*FULL* AUGUST 26-30 9:00-3:00 "Our Village" 

A kid created  village complete with diverse shops, cafes, laws, currency,mail delivery, apothecaries, and more!                                          Ages 6-13 Cost: $455   REGISTER HERE

Seasonal Youth Camps

Moonpaper Tent programing is thematic and processed based. Creative drama, dress-up, face-paint, art and craft-work, storytelling, and magical realism are combined with the playful brilliance of childhood make-believe. An amazing environment representative of possibility! Children's workshops and camps enroll to a maximum of 5-12 kids with 1-2 adults facilitating each class or camp.  Please pack a snack, lunch, and water bottle, and dress for play and fun! Emergent projects and magic filled days are our specialty. Refund Policy: No refunds unless there is a waitlist and another student can take your spot.

The Moonpaper Tent

Questions?  Feel free to give the fairies a call at 206-779-4541

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