Winter 2021  WAM!  Word~ Art~ Magic!

*Jan-March Zoom Workshops~Agenda Below*

$45.00 per class

Pre-teens (ages 9-13) meet every other Saturdays 3:30-6:00pm

Feb 27, March 13, March 27

Teens (14-17) meet Last wednesdays  5:00-8:00pm

Jan 27, Feb 24, March 24

Adults meet Last Mondays 6:00-9:00pm

Jan 25, Feb 22, March 22

(dinner can be eaten during class! Of course!)

To Register: email

or phone/text Sylvan at 206-779-4541

Basic Supplies needed: 

Mixed media paper or heavy watercolor paper (8x11 or larger) misc. decorative papers, glue stick, scissors, watercolors, acrylic paints of your choice, markers, fine tip black sharpie, a selection of regular tip Sharpies in various colors, colored pencils etc., paint brushes, small spray bottle, candle, and a blank page journal (not lined)

Additional supplies could be:

mod podge or matte medium,

masking and/or washi tape,

 stamps, ephemera or paper scrap from books, magazines etc, stencils, colored inks, oil pastels, chalks and/or charcoal, canvas board or stretched canvas any size, (I saw some at Dollar Tree!), wood board, glitter, gesso white and/or black, etc.

Winter 2021 Class Agenda ~for ALL AGES

  Class #1   "Arrive"  ~create a handmade paper portal                           

  Class #2  "Center" ~ find your heart through guided intuitive painting

  Class #3   "Unfold" ~ construct and decorate a folded paper oracle

  Class #4 "Fly" ~make a tiny set of magical wings for wall or doll

ZOOM Links and detailed email provided upon registration

"W.A.M!"   "Word~Art~Magic"    WondeRing Empowerment Circles ON ZOOM

The Moonpaper Tent

So often our imagination and dreams are threatened by internal doubt, societal pressure, life changes, or personal trauma. It is common for us to lose touch with ourselves as well as our healthy connections to family, friends and the wider community. WAM! helps us navigate life's ups and downs through writing/journaling, arts and crafts, and peaceful ritual!

WAM! workshops focus on exploring one "theme" word per class.  By embodying the word through art journaling,  writing prompts, arts and craft work, and presentation our connection to each other and ourselves becomes a "Light". We open each workshop by inviting in personal growth, meaningful sharing, and holistic discovery.  Within this safe and trust based environment important WAM wondeRing rituals and community are formed. Our creative curriculum works across the age board from pre-teen to adult! 

Easy Supply List​ Provided Below

safely and creatively explore :
healthy communication

self worth


body awareness







holistic living

connections to nature


self care

compassion for ourselves

friends, our community, and the world.