Grades 7 -12    Wednesdays @ The Moonpaper Tent

       Girls WAM! can help navigate life's ups and downs

​​GIRLS WAM!  Word~ Art~ Movement!

Wednesdays 5:30-8:30  grades 7-12 

April 25- June 27 2018

*PLUS Two Saturday Classes! ​May 19 and June 16 7:00-9:00*

  Please bring a snack/dinner

Suggested Donation $35.00 per class

​NO GIRL TURNED AWAY ~ Always Welcome

Wednesday Line-Up  April 25-27  

April 25 " Return" I am collage/painting

May 2 "Retreat" Hidden Hideout Art

May 9 "Wane" Shrinky Dinks

May 16 "Wax" Beeswax Encaustic on woodboard

May 23 " Steady" Carve a Stamp

May 30 "Falter" Tightrope Walking diorama

June 6 "Intuition" Third Eye Patch

June 13 "Contemplation" calculated placement Art

June 20 "Light" Magic Card Deck

June 27 " Dark" Magic Card Deck

 Saturday Line Up

 May 19 "Present" Masking Tape Portrait

June 16 "Conceal" Ripped to Reveal Portrait

To Register call 206-708-6741




personal growth and empowerment through

word ~ art ~ movement

"W.A.M!"   WondeRing GIRLS Empowerment Circles 

The Moonpaper Tent

Women's WAM!

Book one workshop for a group of friends  

or a whole session of classes at your home or studio

$35 per person 6 women minimum

Join the WondeRing Sisterhood!

WAM wondeRing girls

safely and creatively explore :
healthy communication

self worth


body awareness







holistic living

connections to nature


self care

compassion for themselves,

friends, our community, and the world.

For many, adolescence is a time where imagination and dreams are threatened by internal doubt, societal pressure, and too often, personal trauma. It is common for youth to lose touch with themselves as well as healthy connections to family, friends and the wider community. Girl's WAM! can help navigate life's ups and downs through word, art and movement!

WAM! girls/women focus on exploring one word per workshop using art journaling,  writing prompts, art and craft work, movement and presentation. We open each circle by inviting in personal growth, meaningful sharing, and holistic discovery.  Within this safe and trust based environment important WAM wondeRing rituals and sisterhood are formed.