Fairy Mail

Monthly magic from our door to yours

handwritten fairy notes, trinkets and surprises

If you have someone who needs a little fairy magic in their life, than take advantage of the

fairies at The Moonpaper Tent!  

Once a month your special someone will receive a handwritten note, magic trinkets, and fanciful surprises from their very own personal fairy!

First we will gather some "important " info from you, about your special someone, like favorite colors, passions and  imaginings, and then keep in touch with you monthly to stay "up-to-date".

Curating and concocting a magical mailbox surprise!

More than one special someone? No problem!

No two fairies are alike and therefore

no two "Fairy Mail's" will ever be exactly the same ;)

One-time Letter and trinket $30.00

6 months for $150.00

Give the Desk Fairy  a call at 206-708-6741

or email us at info@moonpapertent.org

The Magic Begins NOW!

The Fairy Store

The Moonpaper Tent

Favors and Treasures

custom orders

handmade party favors and gifts

*Custom Crown $12.00

hand cut tagboard, glitter and adorned in the birthday persons favorite colors!

*Magic Bags $8.00 a piece

fabric filled bags full magical trinkets and tools curated especially for your party