Fairy Phone

How about a phone call from a Fairy!?
(or.... any Magical Creature etc.) 

15 minute phone call (no Face-Time) with sound effects, interesting character vocals, and pertinent info, only the magic would know!

Gathering pertinent info ahead of time,

insures a "How did they know that?" surprise. 

$25.00 just email for details

~ payments thru Pay-Pal or Venmo

Fairy Mail

magic from our door to yours

handwritten fairy notes, trinkets and surprises for ALL ages! 


If you have someone who needs a little fairy magic in their life,

take advantage of the

fairies at The Moonpaper Tent!  


Your special someone will receive a handwritten note, magic trinkets, and fanciful surprises from their very own personal Fairy!

          ~or any other made-up Magical Creature that they need           

( ~A Wizard? A Unicorn? An Angel? A Dragon? It's up to you )

First we will gather some 'important' info from you, about your special someone, like favorite colors, passions and  imaginings.

Curating and concocting a magical mailbox surprise!

More than one special someone? No problem!

No two fairies are alike and therefore

no two "Fairy Mail's" will ever be exactly the same ;)

*Cost: $65.00​​

Give the Desk Fairy  a call at 206-779-4541

or email us at info@moonpapertent.org

The Magic Begins NOW!

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