The Moonpaper Tent

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      Start by choosing a theme

Choose anything you like! From typical themes like Fairy Forest or Under the Sea, to far out and mixed up themes like Dragon Fashion Show or Super Pets! Creating magical moments based on your idea is our specialty. Every party is unique and different because each group tells a different story.

   What emerges is your very own dreamworld!  

Once you have decide on a theme, we help you choose a craft activity to enhance the theme. Usually craft projects are prop related, and something we can utilize right away

to help extend the story.

Need ideas? We have them!    

 additional party Favors.. CLICK HERE

 *custom Crowns and or * Magic Bags


We bring everything to you,
 engaging the children in one and a half hours of theme related

dress-up, creative drama, face painting,

craft project, and treasure hunt.  

Parties  are booked 10:30-12:00 or 2:30-4:00. 

If you would like a different time please call us 


 Party artist will arrive 15 minutes prior to party start
  Party Cost:      $295.00 for ten children      

  ~$8.00 per each additional child over the number ten

​Please Note:  An additional $30 travel fee for locations with a drive time    exceeding 30 minutes from The Moonpaper Tent, and/or there will be an  additional $10 charge for traveling across any toll bridge

save your best spot ONLINE!

10:30-12:00 or 2:30-4:00

if you would like a different time you will need to contact us by phone


            all parties Are held at your location         10:30-12:00     OR     2:30-4:00 

Email us at

or phone 206-779-4541

Or Reserve online and we'll be in touch

Children's DREAM Parties

The Moonpaper Tent creates magical parties for any age! 

With a concoction of dress-up, creative drama, crafts, treasure, face-paint, and imagination

          ...dreams really do come true!          

 Ready to schedule your dream party?

 Get started by booking online,

or sending us an email 

or by phoning the Desk Fairy  at 206-779-4541
 All parties require a $50 non-refundable deposit.

 Deposit is applied to final payment and remainder of balance is due party day per number of guests.

 Parties can be moved to alternate dates at no cost, but  in case of cancellation deposit is non-refundable.

          Due to COVID-19  ~  We are not doing Physical Parties

But don't Panic! the Magic is Alive!

Rent a Magical Party Trunk for your Quaran-team!

Curated dress-up for your Family (adults included), A Craft activity,

A Treasure Box to hide,  Extra Ideas, secret notes, or games, 

and a Special Gift for the Birthday Person

Cost: $195

*Dress-Up is freshly cleaned for each "party" 

*Door step delivery the afternoon/evening before 

*picked up the evening of, or Day after