Children's Party Theme Ideas:

...create your own or mix and match!
Magical Forest, Pirates and Mermaids, Superheroes, Outer Space, Cats and Dogs, Jungle Adventure, Fashion Show, Birthday Theater, Bugs and Butterflies, Princesses and Fairies, Dragons, Wizards,

Diva's and Rockstars, Under the Sea

...oh my the list is endless!
Mixing and matching is fun too...Super Cats, Owl and Knights, Circus Fairies, Rainbow Fashion Gorillas, Garden Fairies in Winter get the point

Additional Party Favors:
We specialize in creating interesting hand made, non-commercialized favors! Orders need to be placed one week in advance.

*Deluxe Birthday Crowns      $12.00 each    
Ornate hand-cut tag board crowns, embellished and glittered with magic! Custom designed to incorporate party theme or favorite colors.

*Magic Bags       $8.00 each
Fabric bags filled with theme related non-commercial trinkets sure to enhance the magic of the days adventure. Created specifically for each party contents might include: glass stones, bells, coins, acrylic ornaments, glittered fruit, feathers,   bubbles, a jewelry item, birds, frogs, or other creatures, shells, or misc. theme related objects. (Typically the fairies put about 7 items in a bag)  
        NOTE: Items in the bag are not intended for children under the age of 3

Craft Project Suggestions: 

...we like prop related crafts

...magical tools

...all crafts are gender friendly and theme transferrable




treasure boxes



...what do you need on your adventure?

Ideas, Themes and Favors for Celebrations

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