Past artist's
Sylvan Bourgette -acrylic painting -June 2014
Sarah Bear -oil painting and installation -September 2014
Kyle Sturner and "Strange Like Us" -visual artist and musician -November 2014
Enzo Bourgette -film-December 2014
Sylvie Blattenbauer -watercolor- March 2015
Dave Field -musician- May 2015
Christi Hanks -sculptress and diorama -September 2015
Andrea Lewicki -abstract and poured painting -January 2016

Debbie Palmer and Michael Arndt -mosaic and found object sculpture -October 2016

Brittany Baier  -gouche, pencil, ink -April 2017

Jenny Messerle and Lady Pajama- ink, acrylic, mixed media -May 2017

Past Moonlighters

The Moonpaper Tent